1 December 2006

Noa's message about Andrea Parodi

Hello everybody.

Crazy days these. Politically, depressing. It seems we are making progress at snail’s pace, and for every small step forward there are 10 steps backward. But I still believe there is a way to achieve our dream of co-existence and peace…and we must continue to strive to find it…

Musically, these are interesting times for us. Our CD Napoli-Tel Aviv is being very well received by all, thank you so much for you kind words about it. Gil and I are already working on the next international project...but that’s a secret! I can only say it will be a surprise for everyone J

Lots of special concerts in Italy until the end of the year, but all other countries, we are going to miss you until the next album. You know I don’t work fast, what with the children and how important it is for me not to miss their childhood...so, please be patient…all in good time!

I want to acknowledge, with great sadness, the passing of a wonderful artist and friend, Andrea Parodi, from Sardinia. He was a great singer, a golden voice, a courageous artist and a warm, gracious human being. I had the pleasure of performing with him several times, and he taught me one of the loveliest songs I have ever heard, a Sardinian folk song called “No Potho Reposare”.
He will be deeply missed by all who loved him, myself amongst them. I hope God and the angels are enjoying his beautiful singing somewhere up there.

Love to you all,


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