25 March 2012

Noa's concert in Tucson (Arizona) - USA

Presenting Partners: The Heartbeat of Israel, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, Temple Emanu-El, Tucson Jewish Community Center and Weintraub Israel Center

Influenced by her Yemenite roots and singer-songwriters of the '60s, Noa is Israel's leading international concert and recording artist. She plays percussion, guitar and piano, co-wrote the lyrics to the theme for the film, Life Is Beautiful, and is the recipient of WEF Crystal and Dove of Peace awards. Palestinian actress, singer and songwriter, Mira Awad, was born in Galilee and is a Goodwill Ambassador of Peace and devoted advocate of women's rights. Following numerous collaborations with international artists, her debut album, Bahlawan-Acrobat, was released in May 2009. Most recently representing Israel in the 2009 Eurovision contest, Noa and Awad tour to express, musically, their belief in the power of dialogue to promote peace and understanding.

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