19 February 2014

Support "Love Medicine", Noa's next Album

“Love Medicine” is our first original studio album since  2009.

Over those years, we have been performing constantly, meeting interesting people, getting involved in all kinds of projects and dreaming.

These encounters have led to the birth of songs which we feel represent some of our best writing and arranging ever!

The title “Love medicine” came up years ago, from ruminations about the healing qualities of music and it’s ability to evoke contemplation, compassion, acceptance and infinite emotion.

For the first time in our career, we are working totally independently on this project. It will be recorded at home, with friends, without the involvement and dictates of a record company or other external intervention.

This is difficult on the one hand, and wonderful on the other! We are totally free to do as we see fit (halleluyah!), and the feeling of liberation is intoxicating. But… in order to complete the work and do it right…we need you: our fans, friends and family (fffffffffantastic people :-).

Your involvement will enable us to bring this project to fruition, and supply you with a deep, original and (we think!) beautiful musical offering, hopefully as eary as this coming spring!

And it will make you all partners in the practice of “love medicine” …:-)

Thank you…
Please visit this link and support us:

Big hug!!
Noa and Gil

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