30 March 1995

Noa tours USA 1995

Noa tours USA performing at 30 U.S.cities promoting her album Noa. (March - April - May 1995)

Among other venues, Noa sings at the Carnegie Hall (March 30th) and the Avery Fisher Hall.

Last night I had the privilege and honor to see easily one of the best concerts I have ever seen--Noa (Achinoam Nini) and Gil Dor, an Israeli duo, played in Evanston to an awestruck, stunned, silent, speechless audience.
This was truly a captivity that transcends rescue. Every song they played, *without* exception, was brilliant. Alone, Noa has an exceptionally strong and versatile vocal range and delivery--at moments brash, at others fragile and vulnerable, sometimes bordering on operatic, sometimes the essence of folk. And, this lady, 24-years-old, raised in the Bronx, moved to Israel at age (almost) 17 (!), is talented--did I mention that? She has a theatricality about her, a grace and easiness that compels with every note, *and* she is a fabulous percussionist. At one point she played a bongos and drums solo (no sticks, all hands--she plays her chest too at various points) that was blinding.
And then there's Gil Dor. GILDOR. One letter for each string of his guitar. This man is, and I am not one to hyberbolize (:-), he is one of the best guitar players I have ever seen. With my trusty binoculars I ogled this giant with my body hushed in reverence. It's not just that he's a technically perfect player, but the arrangements and accompaniments for those songs were in a word breathtaking. I spoke to Gil after the show and he said he's had all types of training and experience from pop to rock to classical to folk to jazz, from bands to ensembles to sessions to studios, and so on. The classical guitar stylings were perhaps the strongest to show through...the frictionless, flawless transitioning from chord to note to cadence to phrase to everything was seamless and effortless. Less is more. Gil Dor is a graceful guitar player, an eloquent guitar accompanist, understated, humble, gentle, genuine. Like butter.
Alright, the accolades are certainly flowing today but they are well-deserved. If you love music, and I'll bet you do, then you will love Noa and Gil. Go out of your way to see them. The CDs, somewhat hard to come by, are good, but they are mere shadows of the live performance. These two are going places, friends. Not to be missed.
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