11 May 2002

Noa's concert in Roma (Italy)

The first-ever concert at the Rome Colloseum was held on May 11th, under the banner of "Time for Life- A Tribute for Peace". Many artists from around the world took part in this show, including Ray Charles, Mercedes Sousa, Khaled, Nicola Piovani, and various artists from Aghanistan, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Africa and Ireland. Only 400 people were allowed inside to watch, while thousands stood outside and watched the concert on giant video screens.

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2 May 2002

Noa appears on Roberto Benigni's album "Roberto Benigni e la musica- Quanto t'ho amato."

oberto Benigni: In the year 2000 Noa and Gil were asked to write lyrics for Nicola Piovani's musical theme for Roberto Benigni's Oscar award winning movie: "Life Is Beautiful". The song was recorded and released with the album "Blue Touches Blue", and became a huge hit for the song-writing duo and also included on Roberto Benigni's album released in 2002.

- Roberto Benigni e la musica- Quanto t'ho amato.
15. Beautiful that way.
(CD Emi International. Italy 2002)

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