12 August 2004

Enea's Birth, (Noa's daughter)

Enea's Birth,(Noa's daughter) August 12th.
On August 12th, at 8:40 pm, our daughter was born. 20 years ago, to the day, her parents met for the first time on a hiking trip in the Carmel mountains. Mom was 15, dad 21.

Her name is Enéa, which means `her eyes' in Hebrew). The name is taken from the song BeEnea, (otherwise known as `mishaela'). the idea behind the song, and the name, is that we have the capacity to see the world through our own eyes, through filters of love and beauty, and in that way, hopefully, help transform it. I can only wish this for my daughter..not to take the world's pain and sorrow to heart, not to accept what she is given without a `fight'..to use her own, dark eyes to see the hope and beauty behind everything.

The birth went well, as births go. It was short, an hour and a half from the moment we arrived at the hospital to the miraculous moment she took her first breath. it was painful, but amazing and empowering at the same time. We are both well, mother and daughter. The boys are doing fine too.

I am sending a picture of Ayehli hugging his new little sister.

many kisses,

Achinoam (noa) and Asher