31 January 2002

Noa perfoms at the World Economic Forum in New York (USA)

Just wanted to tell you a bit about the amazing few days we just spent in NY. Gil and i were invited to perform in the special opening event of the World Economic Forum, together with amazing artists from all over the world. The event was produced by Quincy Jones and Phil Ramone, both legendary producers. Some of the other artists that participated were Bono and Peter Gabriel (who spoke), Lauryn Hill, India Arie (who is a new, talented artist that is nominated for 7 grammys this year. her album, Acoustic Soul, is really cool), Andjelique Kidjo, Youssou N'Dour, Khaled, Hakim, Olga Tenon (great merengue singer from Puerto Rico), Anoushka Shakra (the daughter of Ravi Shankar...amazingly beautiful and talented sitar player), Henri Salvador, Herbie Hancock, Branford Marsalles, Arturo Sandoval, Soundz of Africa choir and many more...

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17 January 2002

Noa's concert in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Organized by 4 young Jewish students, a solidarity concert for Israel was recently held at the Jewish Congress Hall in Amsterdam. All tickets were sold out in advance and proceeds are to be donated to Bikur Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem and the Dutch siblings orphaned in the August Sbarro Pizza bombing in Jerusalem.

Ralph Inbar emceed the evening and performers included a choir of Dutch girls singing Israeli songs, and the "Kalz" ensemble comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish students who played Klezmer and Israeli music. Israeli performers included singers Yehudit Ravitz and Achinoam Nini, who were greeted enthusiastically by the audience. The 1700-strong audience was comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of Israel. Guests of honor were Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who praised the event, and Israel's Ambassador to Holland Eitan Margalit.

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4 January 2002

Noa's concert in Napoli (Italy)

"maybe Noa and i are just dreamers, continuing this friendship, these performances together and continuing to believe that peace in the world is possible .... but you know that in the past human beings were dreaming to reach the moon, it seemed impossible ..... but they reached it ... so maybe our dream for peace will become reality.... .....maybe noa and i are just drops of water.... but you know that drops make the oceans ...."
Noa & Nabil, Napoli. Concerto dell'Epifania. 2002.

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