18 January 2003

RA1 broadcasts the documentary "Il mio shalom" dedicated to Noa. (Italy)

© by Mariangela Ajello & Maurizio Urso. About the RAI Tv Special show "il mio shalom" dedicated to Noa and broadcasted on January 2003.
last week on the italian tv rai1 there was a wonderful special "il mio shalom" (my shalom) dedicated to noa. it's so great!!! beautiful images of noa in israel mixed with some beautiful images of her stay in rome walking in the centre with asher and ayehli. and also a really interesting interview with noa reaching, as always, our hearts and talking about many things: her motherhood, her life in tel aviv, her wish for peace, the performances with palestinian artists, her opinion about the religion and the pope.
the journalist introduced noa as a gentle face, a velvety voice, a greatest and undoubted charisma. then the interview started: noa explained how becoming mother has made her understand the power of love. we liked very much the beautiful definition for her music and her voice as "the doctor of love"! noa talked also about ayehli, the meaning of his name and the songs dedicated to him, about her wish to create a peaceful atmosphere around her family in tel aviv.
we loved so much noa's words against war, against totalitarism and fanaticism, against every crime and violence made in name of religion or god. she expressed also her admiration for this pope who denounced the horror of the holocaust and all the wars in name of religion. at the end of the interview a wonderful thanks to italy, in italian :"grazie per tutti gli anni di amore" (thank you for all the years of love)! but it's italy that thanks noa for bringing so much love, magic and beauty!

11 January 2003

Noa's concert in Jerusalem (Israel)

Noa's concert from the jerusalem theatre is broadcasted live on www.glz.co.il . The Jerusalem concert was also recorded and will be broadcast on Israel Channel 10 and through Canal + (Spain) in the future.

10 January 2003

Noa's concert in Tel Aviv (Israel)

Noa's concert in Tel Aviv, Israel - Opera House Jan 10th
Noa live in Tel Aviv , Israel - report by Isaac Sutton
Well , I just got back home from one of Noa's better shows I've seen to date. The concert took place in one of the nicest and classic halls in Tel Aviv (Art Center), and the atmosphere was very thrilling. Noa combined both hebrew and english with very special encores including "Nanua" (solo piano) , "Uri" , "Life is beautiful" (in both languages) , and "Paranoya" (with a
slight change of lyric addressing peace). Before singing "Beauty Of That" and "Motor Lullabies" , Noa told the crowd to feel free to dance , which we did of course... Noa also mentioned how happy and thrilled she was to bring "Now" to Israel , her home, for 3 consecutive concerts. She even mentioned that she was SO thrilled and anxious about these shows that she had forgotten to bring her performing outfits to her concert the night before in Yagur (a fact which was discovered just a few minutes before having to go on stage).
Also , there were a lot of celebrities from the Israeli entertainment industry , including actors , singers and composers. Many members of her family were also present. Noa was in top vocal shape , hitting the very high notes. She was very eneregetic and seemed happier than ever.

6 January 2003

Noa guest of the Solis String Quartet in Napoli (Italy)

Noa special guest at a concert of the "Solis String Quartet" in Napoli (Italy), held at the Teatro Politeami, as part of the "Angeli Musicanti" festival. January 6th