19 March 2005

Noa's concert in Brussels (Belgium)

Come to celebrate with Radio Judaïca its 25 years.

Since 25 years, Radio Judaica exists for the biggest profit of the
jewish community and of its numerous friends.

This radio emits 24 hours on 24 on the frequency of 90.2 Mghz

To the occasion of this birthday a big evening for all will take
place has the public studio 2000 of the Heysel March 19 2005 from

The star will be NOA the big Israeli singer of international
reputation. She will be ^presents with his orchestra of 10

Next it Israeli group return SUBLIMINAL d' a big turned one to the
States Unite and that conquered the heart of all the young ones. It
will create an atmosphere being delirious of which each will

The group of dances ADAMA that s' is revealed to the general public
to l' occasion of the film Rabbi Jacob with Louis of Funès will be
with us for furious dances that will not leave to us indifferent. To
the opposite One will dance with them.

REGINE the extraordinary one of brussels jewish singer that conquered
the whole public parisian will entrust for us its last songs that
everyone already hums.

What to say l' excellent humorists of our community RICHARD RUBEN
that puts to earth, all a public by its loaded histories d' an
abrasive humor and of which one remembers.

Without oublierr it excellent Franki PEREZ that inaugurated in the
kind Rap of the chansosn to the jewish thèlmes and Israelis.

And then there will be surprises as in the big tradition of the
Maguen David d' Now.

12 March 2005

7 March 2005

Noa's concert in Napoli (Italy)

Noa's concert in Napoli (Italia) - with the Solis String Quartet March 7th, At the Auditorium Newton of the Città della Scienza.