1 January 2000

Noa's Peace Message for the New Millenium

The first Editorial page of the New Millennium appeared on DEV in January, didn't talk about Information Technology. Noa, the famous Israeli singer, wrote her Message of Peace for Infomedia readers. Noa's message will be left on-line all over the year 2000, with the hope that it will reach the soul of all of us, reminding the real values of our life.

Hello dear friends,
this is Noa speaking to you with a small message for the coming Millenium and for life in general.
I think that we are now in the midst of a very very important period for humanity when knowledge, technology and information are soaring and growing and overcoming our lives. It's amazing to see the development in these fields. Israel is one of the leaders. Like in many other countries, technology and information are rapidly taking over our lives.
I think is so very important at this time to remember that the "Age of Information" must also be the age of compassion and kindness because all the technology in the world will not help a cold heart. Only a warm and kind heart can make use of information in order to make the world a better place for all of us.
I think when we look each other into the eyes, we should always remember to treat eachother as we would treat ourselvest because we really are, truly, all the same.
And all that we give each other we eventually get back .
Only this way we will be able to make the world a more flowering and beautiful place.
The last thing I have to say is that people tend to be very nervous about the Millenium and the changeover into the year 2000. "What's going to happen now!", "How will our lives change!?", "Where should we go?!", "What should we do…". I think more than anything, we should just continue. James Taylor has a very beautiful song in which he says: "it's enough to be on your way, It's a enough just to cover the ground.
If you manage to put one foot in front of the other foot and the next foot in front of that one, keep going on your way and growing and learning and trying to be better and better in what you do everyday, you're on the right track.
If we each concentrate on doing our best, working on our inner-most soul and closest circle of family and friends, community and country, we will eventually join circles in a huge kaleidescope of good will, bettering humanity and bringing light and healing in place of darkness.
I wish you all a wonderful new year, and beyond.

More info at www.noasite.net and the message in italian, french and spanish available at: