19 January 2001

Noa's concert in Tel Aviv (Israel)

Just got back from the concert-it was held at the new "Arts Theater" in Tel Aviv in front of a sell-out audience of 1300 people.It was a trio show with Gil and Zohar, and was very magical and moving.She sang some stuff from BTB,, "Again and Again, "Angel", "I don't know" and a lot of older stuff in Hebrew from her previous cds.( "Keren Or", "Boi Kalah", "Boker", "Dala Dala"),and many more. The encore was "Sorento","Beautiful that way", and finally "Paranoia". As you see, quite a different set from the tour, more songs that werre hits for her in Israel, like "Boi Kalah", which is played in every wedding here-it means "Come, My Bride", and it was a big hit here, as is "Beautiful That Way". (by Moti Dichne)