31 December 2001

Noa's concert in Cosenza (italy)

Noa's concert in Cosenza , Italy. With Khaled & The Blues Brothers

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6 November 2001

Noa's concert in Los Angeles, USA.

"Tonight [Tues. Nov 6], internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Achinoam "Noa" Nini brings her beautiful English and Hebrew lyrics to Sinai Temple to perform in a Hebrew High School-sponsored event to benefit Israel. $25 and $36 ($100 includes desert with Noa) reception). 7:30 p.m. 10400 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. For tickets or more information, call (818) 901-8893."


4 November 2001

Noa's concert in Arizona (USA)

With an enchanting, celestial voice, Israeli singer and songwriter Noa beautifully fuses East and West through her words and harmonies. Known in Israel by her given name Achinoam Nini, Noa moves effortlessly between English, Hebrew and Yemenite-all elements of her diverse heritage. She blends the traditional with the modern, captivating her country and winning the world over with her extraordinary vocal performances. Her beatific sound is perhaps best illustrated in the song "Beautiful That Way" which she wrote for Roberto Benigni's Academy Award-winning film, Life is Beautiful.

In cooperation with the University of Arizona Hillel Foundation, UApresents brings this popular vocalist to Centennial Hall for one night only on Sunday, November 4 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range in price from $26 to $38, with discounts available for all students, UApresents subscribers and UA faculty and staff. A free Arts Encounter will be hosted 45 minutes before the performance in the Arizona State Museum lobby, directly across from Centennial Hall...

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2 August 2001

Noa's concert in Marsala (Sicilia, Italy)

This post is dedicated to Mariangela & Maurizio, and the unforgettable sunset in Marsala.

Fotos / Pics: © Giusseppe Catalano.

martedì 31 luglio
Augusto Enriquez y su Mambo Band (ore 21.00)

mercoledì 01 agosto
Gilberto Gil: "Es Tu Eles" (ore 21.00)

giovedì 2 agosto
Noa Acoustic Band (ore 21.00)

venerdì 3 agosto
- Bonafede - D'Anna - Costa - Cafiero Quartet (ore 21.00)
- Benny Golson Quartet, guest star Steve Grossmann (ore 22.30)

sabato 4 agosto
- Steve Lacy Quartet (ore 21.00)
- David Murray Quartet (ore 22.30)

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11 July 2001

10 July 2001

Noa's concert in Barcelona (Spain)

This post is dedicated to all the BarcelNoa Pilgrims... and specially to those who are always in my heart.

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8 July 2001

Noa's concert in Cordoba (Spain)

es preciso reseñar el éxito cosechado por Noa en la medianoche del pasado sábado. Los Jardines del Alcázar registraron una magnífica entrada para asistir al concierto de la cantante israelí, que presentó su último trabajo, «Blue touches blue». Dejó sobre el escenario impronta de una tremenda calidad sonora y un depurado estilo, al servicio de las melodías exóticas que se funden con los más diversos estilos.

A las nuevas composiciones, concebidas en hebreo e inglés, Noa sumó las creaciones que jalonaron antaño una breve pero intensa trayectoria por la senda del éxito...

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21 March 2001

Noa releases the album "First Collection (Osef Rishon) " (Israel)

Noa releases her first Hebrew Compilation on March 21st 2001, the day her first son was born. In less than a week it has sold 10,000 copies, wich in israeli market terms was a hit.

- First Collection (Osef Rishon) (18 tracks)
1. "Beautiful That Way (Hebrew version)" (Ha-chayim Yafim) (3.33)
2. "Millimeter" (3.21)
3. "He" (Bo'i Kalah)/(Hu) (4.42)
4. "Paranoia" (3.26)
5. "Nocturno" (Keren Or)/(Mizmor Layla) (3.56)
6. "Nanua" (4.12)
7. "Mishaela" (Be'eyneha) (3.47)
8. "She" (Hi) (3.46)
9. "Uri" (Barren)/('Ekra) (4.28)
10. "For Father" (Yalda Im Tsamot) (4.20)
11. "Pines" (Ilanot) (4.50)
12. "Shir Mishmar" (Shimri Nafsech) (5.06)
13. "But Love" (Ahal Ahava) (3.29)
14. "Boker" (Morning) (3.44)
15. "Niga' El Ha-Chalom" (To Touch the Dream) (3.16)
16. "Slowly as the Heart" (Le'at Ke-Holem Ha-Lev) (3.50)
17. "Ha-Stav Bil'adav" (Autumn Without Him) (4.11)
(new song written in memory of Itzhak Rabin)
18. "Moon Tune" (Pizmon Likinton) (5.50)
(1. & 17. previously unreleased,
4., 7., 10. & 18. from: Achinoam Nini Gil Dor Live (1991),
3., 5., 8., 11. & 16. from: Achinoam Nini Gil Dor (1993),
2., 6., 13., 14. & 15. from: Achinoam Nini (1997),
9. & 12. from: Achinoam Nini & The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (1998))
(CD 20554-2, Israel, 2001, NMC)

Ayehli’s birth (Noa's first child)

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2 March 2001

Noa appears on David Broza's album "Spanish Heart"

Spanish Heart is an adaption into English of eight songs from Isla Mujeres, including "Agua De Mis Ojos" (the duet with Noa), Noa's vocals are the same, but the song has English lyrics and features a new guitar part.)

David Broza, Spanish Heart
4. "Waters of My Sorrow (Agua De Mis Ojos)" (4.02) (duet with David Broza)
(CD 8-0927411972-8, Spain, 2001, Salad/DRO East West S.A. (Warner))

19 January 2001

Noa's concert in Tel Aviv (Israel)

Just got back from the concert-it was held at the new "Arts Theater" in Tel Aviv in front of a sell-out audience of 1300 people.It was a trio show with Gil and Zohar, and was very magical and moving.She sang some stuff from BTB,, "Again and Again, "Angel", "I don't know" and a lot of older stuff in Hebrew from her previous cds.( "Keren Or", "Boi Kalah", "Boker", "Dala Dala"),and many more. The encore was "Sorento","Beautiful that way", and finally "Paranoia". As you see, quite a different set from the tour, more songs that werre hits for her in Israel, like "Boi Kalah", which is played in every wedding here-it means "Come, My Bride", and it was a big hit here, as is "Beautiful That Way". (by Moti Dichne)