17 September 2012

Noa Classic: Triple Album for Noa Coming Soon in Europe

Achinoam Nini, better known internationally as Noa, who represented Israel together with Palestinian singer Mira Awad at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Moscow in 2009, will release a new album entitled “Classic Noa” on October 22nd.
After some months of silence, the worldwide famous Israeli singer will make a comeback with "Classic Noa", a new album made of 3 CDs she already released separately previously but mainly unknown yet to the international public. According to a recent press release, "Classic Noa" will contain "The Israeli Songbook", released in 2011, a compilation of Israeli classics recorded with the Jerusalem symphonic orchestra. A French version of the song “Ruach Stay” is also included, entitled “Vent d’automne” written by French writer Philippe Besson.
"Classic Noa” will also contain the album "Noapolis", also released on 2011, a true journey to Italy together with the Naples’ Solis String Quartet; and finally the album "Live with Solis String Quartet", released in 2005, in which fans can listen to Noa sing a Yemeni, Hebrew and English repertoire.
This triple album will also be presented on stage with a symphonic orchestra as from September with a world tour passing by Israel, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France and the USA.

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